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Vaping Basics For Beginners

September 27, 2017 • sustadmin

vaping-atomizers_largeThere are a lot of misconceptions about vaping that can throw off those who would like to give it a try. This niche has grown tremendously over the past 10 years that it has become quite a complicated world to navigate. It is no longer as straightforward as it was in the beginning. The technology has improved by leaps and bounds. The products have evolved to an almost unrecognizable state. Yet the general public is still skeptical about it mostly due to their lack of knowledge and exposure. If they knew more about ecigs, then they would probably be more welcoming of this alternative to tobacco.

Types of E-cigs

1. Disposables

For instance, “e-cig” is actually an all-encompassing term for a multitude of products that do the same thing: turn liquid into a vapor for inhalation. There are several types on the market today. The simplest ones are called disposables as they are exactly that: items that you dispose of after use. They are stand-alone and self-contained. They are pre-filled with liquids and batteries. They cannot be opened, refilled, or changed in any way. Once you have consumed all of their content, there is nothing left but to throw them away. These are generally manufactured by tobacco companies who want to future-proof their businesses.

2. APVs

Disposables look just like regular analog cigarettes in size, shape, color, and overall design. These products can be found side-by-side on shelves at gas stations and convenience stores. In contrast, APVs can generally be found in the specialty shops run by vapers themselves. These are also called vaping pens because that is exactly how they look like: bigger than disposables with a refillable tank. This is one of its main draws. The ability to add refills when you’re done with the content means that you can use it as much as you want. You can change the batteries, too. It opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to flavors.

3. Mods

These are the highest class of ecigs as it is comprised of customizable parts to improve performance. The main draw here is the ability to produce a great deal of vapor for a more enjoyable experience. These mods are also good for those who like to play with the vapor in creative ways. They are manufactured by small companies in different countries and can also be found in specialty shops. You could also shop online to expand your options. These can be pricey but the cost may be worth it depending on the user.

E-liquid Ingredients

1. Flavoring

The contents of the e-liquids which are placed inside the tanks are no secret. Three main ingredients tend to be uniform throughout the industry. Manufacturers use flavoring to give them character and make them more attractive to the buyers. These are generally food-grade flavors like the ones used for cooking so there should be no worries about their consumption. Those with a sweet tooth can get themselves candy-flavored liquids for a wholesome hit. They could also get chocolate, coffee, mocha, caramel, and any of the familiar options. Fruity flavors are also a hit so go ahead and choose your favorites. More exotic options are also being concocted for those who prefer unique essences.

2. Vegetable Glycerin

This is the most common base used for the liquids. This is a natural ingredient that is generally safe for consumption. It can produce vapor in large quantities if the liquid is heated right. The problem is that it doesn’t really carry flavor well. Check the label on the items you bought to see which ingredients are included and what proportions were used.

3. Propylene Glycol

This is usually added to the vegetable glycerin base to create a more suitable platform for the purpose. PG, as is it often called, can carry the flavors well. It is also less dense than VG. This is safe for inhalation once it has been vaporized by the ecig. In fact, it is one of the ingredients in asthma inhalers which are widely used by millions of people suffering from the respiratory ailment.

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